Porta Potty 101

Porta John Rental Columbia, SC

If you’re a little lost on where to start with your first porta-john rental  – say no more, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to help you with the process of renting a portable toilet. Upon reading this, you will have learned everything you need to in order to optimize your porta-potty rental experience, saving you time, money, and effort.

If you’ve got a weekend event ahead of you, and are in need of a porta-potty for the amount of people at this even, there are a couple important things to first think about:

1. HOW BIG is the event I am setting up?

An obvious question. You need to know about how many people will be there in order to have the appropriate amount of porta johns. Too many and you’ve wasted your money, but too little and you’ll have people waiting just to use the bathroom. Less than a thousand guests usually needs less than ten porta johns, where as a larger even of five thousand could require up to sixty porta potties.

Have your guest count ready for the porta potty renal service when you place an order.

2. WHAT am I serving at the event?

Remember that if you have a lot of food and drinks, especially alcohol, that will increase the amount of times people will need to use the bathroom.

In general, people use the bathroom an average of once per four hours, but with alcohol that number can increase usage by thirty to fourty percent.

Make sure you tell the porta potty rental company what is being served at your event.

3. HOW LONG is the event going to last?

The longer the stay of the guests, the more they’ll need to use your toilets. Have the number of hours you expect to have porta johns available to your guests when speaking with the porta john rental company.

The difference between a four hour event and an eight hour one can nearly double the amount of portable toilets you could need.

4. WHO is going to be attending?

This is asking the woman to man ratio. If there are more men than women, you’ll most likely need more porta johns to accomodate, since men on average will use the bathroom more than women will.

Make sure you roughly know how many men and women will be attending your event.

5. WHERE is a good place to put the porta johns?

This is for your event and your guests. You should look for a remote, but not too hard to find location to put the porta johns. Having them close to your event could carry over any smells you don’t want, but too far away and it would really be a hassle for your guests to go to the bathroom.

Know the layout of your event, and have a plan to put the porta johns in a good place.


Well, thats about it, five things you should keep in mind when renting your first portable toilet. Hopefully by now you’ve become much more at ease for your upcoming event, and your guests will be satisfied with the porta johns they will be using.